Green Cars: Kite Car - Emission free adventurous ride

Monday, February 15, 2010

Green CarsEco Factor: Environment-friendly kite concept car that uses electric motors.

The Kite concept car, a collective work of designers Tsun-Ho Wang, Min-Gyu Jung and Sung-Je Do, offers an adventure ride with a consciousness for the environment. You can enjoy this fun ride in three distinct ways. The first method utilizes an electric motor in each of the three tires; secondly, it can be used as a windsurfing with its wings set upright; and the last one allows you to detach the board from body that works as a propeller.

kite carsThe Dark Side: No doubt, The Kite car concept gives futuristic promises of fun and adventure, but still, the designers should look for renewable resource of power. The concept still consumes electricity, and further, I don’t think we will ever witness a practical ride in the real world as it’s too futuristic.

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