Electric Cars

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

electric car
A great alternative to the normal and pollutant cars are, among other options, is the electric car.

As its own name suggests, this cars are fueled by electricity, whether they are or they are not hybrid.

We can divide the energy origin in two groups: the energy coming from gas fuel and the energy coming from electricity. Hybrid cars are cars that work with both kinds of energy. But, cars that only work with electricity are not hybrid, therefore they aren’t fueled by any kind of fossil fuels, so they’re not so pollutant.

Normally, these kinds of cars are equipped with some rechargeable batteries that can be recharged in any electrical outlet and give your car some autonomy. Anyway, the disadvantages of electrical cars are that these kind of cars don’t have that much autonomy and the vehicle can only work very slowly, being incapable of having the same driving velocity when compared to regular cars.

Among all the alternatives in ecological cars market, electric cars are the more developed ones. The studies and production of these cars are already in a very advanced level when compared to solar cars, for example. Some enterprises are already starting to sell electric cars. The prices are still very high, though.

Electric cars are a very good alternative in what concerns the reduction of pollution coming from vehicles. Anyway, we must notice that these cars are fueled by electricity and recharged in electric outlets. Where is electricity coming from then? Yes, from the stations responsible for the production of energy, the stations that emit pollutants to the atmosphere. Well, but in any case electric car is still the best and less pollutant option.