Electric Cars In The USA

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The new venture, named ‘Flybo-EV‘ plans to bring a modest range of 3 electric powered cars that can reach top speeds of 45mph (Thats once you’ve had the limiter taken off, otherwise its 25mph) These cars would be great for inner city travel, and at those prices they are practically free. Their flagship model, the below pictured XFD-6000ZK (try saying that drunk) is their most popular model and can reach upto 70 miles on a 7 to 8 hour charge – you can plug this car in using a standard 110v mains cable coming from the ‘gas’ tank. China Car Times is blown away, if only driving electric cars were legal in China (and you think it would be with this environment) we would have one ourselves.
flybo elecctric carFlybo Electric Car