Electric Cars - Are They the Future of Driving Or Just a Dream?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Over the past few years, the automobile industry has seen a rise in the popularity of electric vehicles. This is largely due to greater awareness of the environmental issues caused by cars and emphasis on how we should all be trying to reduce the impact cars have on the environment.

In the past, electric cars were perceived as inferior to traditional cars in terms of performance and style. This is changing slightly now with companies such as Tesla bringing out more modern styled, high performance electric cars. The Tesla Roadster sports car was released in July 2007 and has seen sales steadily grow as electric cars become more popular as attitudes change and the drivers become more environmentally conscious.

The performance of electrical cars, in terms of speed and miles per charge has always attracted negative reviews. However, perceptions are changing thanks to cars like the Tesla Roadster which can drive for 244 miles on a single charge of battery and can reach 0-60 in 3.9 seconds.

This performance has helped to reposition electric cars as a more realistic option for many motorists around the world, with consumers now warming to the idea of more environmentally friendly motoring. Gas and fuel prices now mean that we could all save a considerable amount of money if we switched to an electric vehicle.

electric cars

The United States of America as well as the United Arab Emirates has seen an increase in the volume of electric cars on their roads and we will probably see the same here in the UK. Tesla has a partnership deal with Lotus which results in the building of the cars in the UK. This could be great for the UK economy.

Electrical cars are becoming increasingly stylish and when you combine this with the fact that you could considerably help the environment by cutting down massively on your CO2 emissions, means that we should all consider electric cars as the cars of the future.

By Phillip Adams-Wright